Blanket Student Accident Insurance

Gallagher Bollinger has partnered with Peoples Benefit Life Insurance Company and Monumental Life Insurance Company, two A+ insurers, to provide an exclusive program of Student Accident insurance.

For those schools wishing to provide school time coverage for all students, we offer a wide variety of plan options. Plans are written with or without deductibles and on a Primary, Primary Excess, Coordination of Benefits, or Full Excess basis as follows:

Primary Plan: This plan provides medical expense benefits on a PRIMARY basis, i.e., payment is made without regard to the existence of Other Insurance Plans.

Primary Excess Plan: This plan provides Primary coverage for claims of $100 or less and excess coverage for claims totaling more than $100.

Coordination of Benefits Plan: Under this plan, claims handling is coordinated with Other Insurance Plans to determine with insurer who should pay which portion of the claim.

Full Excess Plan: Under this plan, benefits are paid on an EXCESS basis, i.e., coverage is provided only for those medical expenses that are NOT covered by Other Insurance Plans.

Maximum medical expense benefits of $10,000 up to $6,000,000 are available.

The above coverage summary is meant to provide only a broad overview of the insurance package offered and the detailed terms and conditions should be considered carefully before purchasing.

For questions, you may contact the SCIP team at: or 314-800-2231