Cyber Protection

Gallagher has partnered with a consortium of Lloyd’s of London syndicates (AM Best Rated “A” Excellent), to bring school districts a comprehensive Cyber Liability insurance package.   This coverage provides the expert resources and financial protection your district will need in the wake of a data breach or allegation of personal injury in an online or social media environment. The coverage includes:

Cyber Liability

$1,000,000 Aggregate (Including Claims Expenses)
Aggregate limits of $2M, $3M and $5M are also available, as are corresponding limits for each full-limit Insuring Agreement below.

$1,000,000 Privacy Liability
$1,000,000 Privacy Regulatory Claims Coverage
$1,000,000 Security Breach Response Coverage
$1,000,000 Security Liability
$1,000,000 Multimedia Liability
$1,000,000 Cyber Extortion
$1,000,000 Business Income and Digital Asset Restoration
$100,000 PCI DSS Assessment (Automatically included at $100K, regardless of aggregate limit)
$2,500 Deductible (Deductibles will vary, depending on aggregate limit)

Annual Package Minimum Premium = $750 + applicable state surplus lines tax

(Premiums will vary, depending on size of annual operating budget, geographic location of school district and other underwriting factors)

 Product for Cyber Liability Provides:

  • Easy, streamlined application (4 questions, not 10 pages)
  • Access to 24-Hour breach response team
  • Full policy limits for first-party breach response coverages
  • Broad “Privacy” coverage, as opposed to industry-standard “data breach” coverage
  • Voluntary notification costs, even if district has no legal obligation to notify (subject to underwriter approval)
  • Coverage for your district when 3rd Party vendors handling Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are responsible for a data breach
  • Broad Multimedia Liability covers schools’ websites, social media and other non-electronic media
  • Coverage for loss of confidential data in any form – paper or electronic

The above coverage summary is meant to provide only a broad overview of the insurance coverage offered and the detailed terms and conditions should be considered carefully before purchasing. 

For questions, you may contact the SCIP team at: or 314-800-2231