The Blueprint for Conservation

Saving Koalas in Australia!

As a company with a global footprint, Gallagher strives to preserve and enrich each of its homes. Few of them are as gorgeous as Australia, where native koalas have become an iconic symbol of the continent’s glittering wilderness and wildlife. Yet in many parts of the country, populations are in decline. Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT, in particular, even recognize the species as vulnerable.

In response to this problem, Gallagher is committing real people and resources to help. Through our Corporate Volunteering Program, team members like Alexandra Kennedy of our Toowoomba office are following the company’s blueprint for making a difference in and out of the office.

As koala populations wither, it’s crucial that scientists survey their numbers to establish a cause. So Alexandra has joined the Koala Ecology Group at the University of Queensland to get out and count.

In South East Queensland, she’s learned populations are heavily impacted by the loss of eucalyptus woodlands due to urban development, as well as dog attacks and vehicle strikes. However, fewer studies have been undertaken in rural Queensland, leaving more questions for scientists to answer.

Luckily, Alexandra is there to help.



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