(Ex)Change the Way You Think About Benefits

Intrigued by all of the noise in the marketplace and in the news concerning private exchanges? The first step is to understand what a private exchange is and if it aligns with your organization's strategic goals. Through this discovery process, you can then better assess how adopting a private exchange platform such as Gallagher Marketplace can help solve your organization's employee benefits challenges.

What is a private exchange?

In its purest sense, a private exchange is a marketplace that empowers employees to take control of their healthcare. If done correctly, a private exchange provides:

  • Predictable benefits costs for the employer
  • Greater employee choice
  • Increased employee engagement

Why Gallagher?

Choosing Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. as your private exchange partner is simple: Gallagher does not view the private exchange as a transaction, but as a process. As your private exchange partner, we continually work to reduce medical spend, increase employee engagement and create administrative ease.