Embrace change to prepare for the future and empower your workforce.

The Gallagher Marketplace is a marketplace technology solution that fits with your organization’s culture and goals while providing your employees choice and flexibility to build a benefits package that meets their needs.

Changing the way your employees purchase their benefits.

With the Gallagher Marketplace, organizations provide employees a set amount of money (called the defined contribution) to spend on benefits. Employees log onto the online portal, fill out a quick questionnaire, receive personalized recommendations, and then purchase the benefits that suit their individual and family needs.

The Gallagher Marketplace consulting team can help your organization:

  • Improve employee satisfaction by offering a broad choice of benefits
  • Better predict and budget healthcare and other benefit expenses
  • Reduce HR workload by offering state-of-the art benefits administration
  • Enhance employee engagement by clearly communicating the value of the benefits and compensation you provide