Control benefit costs and increase employee choice.

Implementing a well-designed defined contribution strategy paired with the Gallagher Marketplace offers your employees a wider range of choices that will attract, engage and retain the talent you need while keeping costs affordable.

 The Gallagher Marketplace consulting team delivers marketplace technology that:

  • Aligns with your organizational culture and goals
  • Allows for greater cost and benefit management and sustainability
  • Increases benefit options to address a wide variety of employee needs
  • Enhances employee satisfaction and empowerment, resulting in higher employee engagement
  • Encourages greater healthcare consumerism with decision support tools that help employees choose benefits based on their needs
  • Reduces HR workload with state-of-the-art benefits administration
  • Supports online enrollment with call center services
  • Strengthens your organization with outstanding compliance support
  • Provides easy access to powerful communication tools
  • Engages and informs your workforce so they understand the value of the benefits and compensation you provide


For the first time with a defined contribution as a company, we felt that we could get control of the company portion of the cost and also could be fair in the way that cost was allocated amongst a very diverse group of employees.

Ed Blake, CEO/CFO
Miller-Valentine Group