The power of data-based decision making.

Organizations today encounter difficult choices when managing the costs of a benefits program. How do you know you are selecting the right solutions for the right reasons? How will you know whether you are getting the right results? 

We believe that you can’t fully take control of healthcare benefits costs if you don’t understand what’s driving them. You need a partner who can leverage raw claims data, provide objective benchmarks and interpret your data to provide insight and understanding into what’s really happening, and why. The result: informed strategies, prioritized initiatives and the ability to track and manage results. It’s a proactive, data-driven approach to managing plan performance.

At Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., our Healthcare Analytics Consulting team will use your company’s raw claims data to deliver true insight and understanding— discovering issues that can then be addressed, tracked and verified. Our industry-leading proprietary system synthesizes data from a wide range of sources to uncover the underlying cost drivers that affect your benefits plan. Data always guides our strategy. We use real-world data to identify your true problem areas and provide a framework to objectively prioritize needs, assess solutions and analyze results.

Discover. Synthesize. Refine.

No more guesswork. Just clear, simple solutions based on real data. Our in-house team of analysts, actuaries and clinicians use predictive models, health risk assessment tools, benchmarks and data from over 1,200 Gallagher client companies to give you a true understanding of the underlying issues that may be affecting the costs and performance of your benefits program. When you partner with Gallagher you will have the advantage of working with the only benefits firm with consulting and proprietary data warehousing under one roof.