Control benefit costs and increase employee choice.

The Gallagher Marketplace is a marketplace technology solution that fits with your organization’s culture and goals while providing your employees choice and flexibility to build a benefits package that meets their needs. In addition to helping you choose the right marketplace technology solution, the Gallagher Marketplace Consulting Team can help you assess whether a defined contribution strategy is right for your organization. Analyzing your data with Gallagher’s proprietary modeling tools, you’ll learn how restructuring your benefits program could make it more sustainable.

Changing the way your employees purchase their benefits.

With the Gallagher Marketplace, organizations provide employees a set amount of money (called the defined contribution) to spend on benefits. Employees log onto the online portal, fill out a quick questionnaire, receive personalized recommendations, and then purchase the benefits that suit their individual and family needs.

The Gallagher Marketplace consulting team can help your organization:

  • Improve employee satisfaction by offering a broad choice of benefits
  • Better predict and budget healthcare and other benefit expenses
  • Reduce HR workload by offering state-of-the art benefits administration
  • Enhance employee engagement by clearly communicating the value of the benefits and compensation you provide

Ongoing support to make benefits administration easier. 

You get much more than technology when you choose Gallagher as your partner. We will continually work to reduce your healthcare spend, increase employee engagement and make benefits administration easier for your HR, Finance and executive teams.

Gallagher strengthens your organization with:

  • An in-depth evaluation process to help you determine if the Gallagher Marketplace strategy is the best solution for you
  • Beginning-to-end change management, including planning, implementation guidance, administrative training and employee communications
  • A secure online portal that engages employees
  • Expert data analysis, interpretation and budget forecasting
  • Customized strategies to control costs, ensure compliance and secure your data

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