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Get the Most From Your HR Technology

The best thing about cloud-based software is the ease in which it is upgraded. The worst thing about cloud-based software is the ease of which it is upgraded. Great new features in HR technology go unnoticed because there is no formal process to optimize your software. Gallagher's HR and Benefits Technology team can help guide you to better organizational wellbeing with optimized HR technology.

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10 Tips for Governing the Relationship with your Technology Provider

Purchasing technology and outsourcing services from a third-party provider has many advantages, key among them is that it allows you to focus on your core business and leave HR technology tasks (automation, compliance, reporting, engagement, etc.) to those with the expertise to do what they do best.

Securing a successful HR and benefits technology strategy

Adam Cottini, Rhonda Marcucci and Petula Workman share advice on aligning HR and benefits technology with an organization’s human capital management strategy by efficiently navigating the rise of options, and effectively protecting employee data from cybersecurity risks.

2017 Best-in-Class Infographic for Midsize Employers

Employers look to their peers for guidance as they pursue destination-employer status. Explore the best-in-class tactics midsize employers are using to outperform the competition in healthcare cost control and human resource management.