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Rethinking and Rebalancing Compensation and Benefits with Revenue: How to Better Align Business and Employee Objectives

How can your organization optimize its compensation and benefits for long-term sustainability? Read Health & Welfare Consulting's Kent E. Lonsdale's whitepaper on the importance of mapping out the right path to a sustainable, flexible balance between employee and organizational objectives including the possibility of a defined contribution strategy with a private exchange.

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Private Exchange Funding: Understanding the Rules of Engagement

As employers explore the potential of a private exchange as part of their benefits strategy, they are also investigating and comparing the various funding options that are available. George Katsoudas and Stacy H. Barrow’s whitepaper Private Exchange Funding: Understanding the Rules of Engagement, examines funding methods for private exchanges, particularly HRAs, through the lens of related PPACA, Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service legislation.

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