Expertise, experience and independence.

Combined experience--financial and fiduciary. Educated and timely decision making based on deep and extensive research and market knowledge. Dedicated, skilled professionals. These are some of the key elements to achieving your organization's portfolio goals.

Gallagher’s Investment & Fiduciary Consulting team applies its proven approach to traditional and alternative investments as both an advisor and a discretionary fiduciary (including OCIO) over defined benefit plans, VEBAs, defined contribution plans, hybrid or "variable" pension plans, healthcare and religious portfolios. With a clear understanding of the benefits and risks to investment decisions, your Gallagher advisor helps you make well-founded, informed choices.

A strategic advantage.

At Gallagher, we operate with objectivity--independent and free of conflicts of interest. This allows us to focus on solutions that best meet your needs. An open investment platform with only third party investment funds (no proprietary funds), no "pay to play" money from investment managers and no soft dollar payments.

Proactive investment decision making.

With office locations in Newark, NJ, Pittsburgh, PA and Washington DC, the national Investment & Fiduciary Consulting practice of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (Gallagher Fiduciary Advisors, LLC), focuses on improving the investment program of your benefit plan and other investment pools.

Talk with a Gallagher Investment & Fiduciary Consulting professional today. Learn how we can help you achieve your investment goals and manage your fiduciary liability. Let’s work together to optimize your organization’s investment performance.

Our institutional investment and fiduciary services include:

  • Investment policy statement
  • Asset allocation
  • Investment structure
  • Manager due diligence and selection
  • Private markets due diligence and selection
  • Investment manager monitoring and performance reporting
  • Investment related administration
  • Fiduciary decision-making
  • Socially responsible investments
  • Spending policy analysis

Gallagher's experience and services span a wide range of clients:

  •     Corporate
  •     Endowment and foundation
  •     Family trust
  •     Healthcare
  •     Higher education
  •     Not-for-profit
  •     Public
  •     Religious
  •     Taft-Hartley

Gallagher considers manager due diligence a very important part of its investment consulting services. We seek to establish and maintain an open and productive professional dialogue with investment management organizations. We conduct personal meetings with investment managers to understand and evaluate their investment philosophy, process and people. If you are interested in introducing your investment organization to Gallagher, please click here to complete the meeting request form.

Disclosure Statement:

Investment advisory, named and independent fiduciary services are offered through Gallagher Fiduciary Advisors, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser. Gallagher Fiduciary Advisors, LLC is a single-member, limited-liability company, with Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. as its single member. Neither Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., Gallagher Fiduciary Advisors, LLC nor their affiliates provide accounting, legal, or tax advice.