Relieving headaches and easing pain points - for organizations and for employees

Pharmacy benefit programs are increasingly difficult to manage due to PBM industry changes and skyrocketing drug prices. These circumstances affect your ability to negotiate lower costs for prescription drugs and manage drug utilization, which is becoming an increasingly higher percentage of overall healthcare spend, representing 30% of total healthcare costs.

Gallagher’s Pharmacy Benefit Management Consulting team has cracked the code for identifying cost savings through smart contract negotiations and savvy auditing. We can help you better manage your prescription drug plans by utilizing a number of different tactics, tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

Putting the contract first so that it’s built to last.

Your pharmacy benefit is only as good as your contract. When you partner with Gallagher, you have the power of first-hand knowledge of the pharmacy business model, which allows for unparalleled evaluation of pharmacy contracts. Together we’ll evaluate your options to uncover the best possible deal with fair, flexible and auditable contractual terms, without compromising on employee satisfaction and quality of care.

Trust, but verify.

Don’t let your PBM grade their own performance. Ensure your investments are delivering the most value by partnering with Gallagher to guarantee that your PBM is meeting contract obligations and paying claims accurately. Plan financial reporting services provide a summary of your plan cost and analyze where those costs are being spent. This data drives further optimization of your pharmacy benefit – helping your plan deliver healthy performance and a healthy, engaged workforce.