The right medication, at the right time, at the right price

Your organization needs a strategically managed pharmacy benefit to support your employees and your bottom line.

Gallagher’s Pharmacy Benefit Management Consulting team strengthens your organization with:

  • A strategic, data-driven approach to your pharmacy benefit that supports employee wellbeing and meets organizational objectives
  • A pharmacy plan that delivers maximum value to your organization by managing cost while maintaining employee satisfaction without compromising care
  • Expert oversight of PBM services, fees and rebate guarantees that begins with skillful contract negotiation, continues to ongoing management, and completes the circle with auditing to ensure promises are met
  • Ongoing consultation for pharmacy benefit design including modeling of different copays, formulary analysis, network strategies, and clinical utilization programs to control the rising costs of specialty drugs
  • Seamlessly managed implementation of new PBM vendors, when needed


My goal is to reduce the healthcare cost – not keep them flat, not mitigate trend but reduce them. Very, very difficult goal. And, Gallagher works with figure out how do we achieve those goals.

Hear Renee DeBar, Head of Benefits