Meet Our Wellbeing & Engagement Specialists

Ali Payne

Global Practice Leader, Wellbeing & Engagement - Great Lakes Region, Heartland Region, South Central Region Benefits & HR Consulting

North America

Ali leads the Wellbeing & Engagement Practice and directs a team that consults with clients who may not have a dedicated staff for their health initiatives, or want to bring added structure and analysis to their existing approach. In working with clients, Ali focuses on designing strategies to support improved employee morale, engagement, retention and productivity through successful population health policies, programs and implementation. She also believes a solid wellbeing strategy is the key driver in compressing healthcare costs and engaging a resilient workforce, and advises clients on innovative methods to help lower costs and strengthen their corporate culture.

Rebecca Kruske

Regional Vice President, Wellbeing & Engagement Practice Leader - Western Region Benefits & HR Consulting

North America

Rebecca supports clients in developing holistic strategies centered on individual wellbeing and organizational health. She specializes in providing tailored solutions that enhance the employee experience and tie back to the organization’s values and goals. Rebecca believes education, along with clear and open communication, is the foundation for all successful wellbeing strategies. As a true partner and trusted advisor, Rebecca delivers innovative solutions to organizations reflective of their unique culture, mission, vision, and values – helping employers differentiate themselves in competitive human capital environments.

Kathleen Schulz

Regional Vice President, Wellbeing & Engagement Practice Leader - Northeast Region, Southeast Region Benefits & HR Consulting

North America

Kathleen works with Gallagher teams and clients to design holistic strategies that address the total employee value proposition, including physical and mental health management, employee engagement and productivity. She places a high priority on building collaborative relationships with clients, recognizing that they provide the foundation for fully understanding the organization’s mission. Based on the insights she gains as a trusted advisor, Kathleen develops strategies that best enable that mission and support high performance. Her areas of expertise include creating and implementing wellness, fitness, occupational health, employee assistance, benefit and work-life programs.

Emily Brainerd

Regional Vice President, Wellbeing & Engagement Practice Leader - Great Lakes Region Benefits & HR Consulting

North America

Emily leads a team of wellbeing professionals, all skilled collaborators who know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to building an a workplace culture of wellbeing and engagement. She then integrates initiatives focused on physical, financial, emotional/social, career and community wellbeing  into holistic programs custom-designed to meet each client’s unique situation.