Take back control of your insurance dollars

There are many ways to manage risk in addition to traditional insurance solutions. For example, captive or alternative risk financing may better match the needs of your organization. 

Gallagher's Global Alternative Risk Practice offers numerous risk management alternatives, from single-parent and group captives to rent-a-captives, insurance pools and domicile solutions.

In order to determine if these options are right for your organization, it is important to examine them in further detail. For example, will a captive solution reduce your risk and help mitigate exposures? Which domicile offers the most flexible regulatory environment for your requirements? What are the tax implications of different captive structures? What loss control program can best stabilize your bottom line?

We leverage our global network and resources to help you find options best suited to your challenges. We collaborate with captive partners throughout the world, including Artex Risk Solutions – a wholly owned subsidiary of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. - who can help to assess, formulate and manage effective alternative risk solutions for you organization.

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