A proven track record of success

Our Claims Advocacy experts have a proven track record of reversing seemingly impossible situations and turning them into favorable outcomes for our clients. 

Our goal is to make certain that our clients maintain the most advantageous loss history possible. Our claims experts pride themselves on being leaders in Claims Advocacy. The following are some examples of successful resolutions we were able to achieve for our clients:

  • The carrier was insistent that our client owed additional money since they were on a loss sensitive program and the loss history indicated an increase was appropriate. A consultant we hired was able to demonstrate that claims mishandling was responsible for the discrepancy. As a result, our client did not have to pay an additional $30,000 in workers compensation premium.

  • Our experts have obtained reserve reductions in excess of $100,000 in a single claim review many times. In a particular situation, the insurance carrier refused to defend or indemnify the client for losses in excess of $100,000 claiming there was no coverage for the allegations stated in the lawsuit. The Gallagher expert helped obtain a positive declaratory action and resulted in obtaining indemnification and recovered legal fees in the declaratory action and in the underlying law suit.

  • Our client hired a roofing contractor who failed to properly secure a temporary covering allowing rain to damage the client’s building and tenants’ property. The roofer’s insurance carrier, citing the “Roofing Operations Exclusion,” initially declined coverage to the roofer. The Gallagher claims professional reversed denial of claim In excess of $70,000 and was persistent with the carrier in subrogation resulting in an improved loss ratio.

  • Our client failed to complete proof of loss forms for several claims for damages due to frozen and burst pipes, theft, and vandalism that were several years old resulting in coverage being jeopardized. Our advocate was successful in getting the $700,000 loss covered several years after the fact.

  • The insurance carrier for our client was adamant there was no coverage for the building fire loss, since it was not specifically listed on the schedule of locations. The claim consultant was able to get the coverage denial reversed and recovered over $600,000 in damages.

  • Our consultant reduced the WC average paid by 30% in a difficult jurisdiction for a client within six months by rigorous selection and oversight of defense counsel and adjusting staff.