The right surety protection advocate in your corner

With its national presence, relationships and clout, the Gallagher Surety Team is dedicated to placing even the most challenging bonding needs. We regularly demonstrate to our clients our commitment by utilizing all of our resources to help your company grow successfully.

Recognized as leaders in surety, we have key relationships with the executives of all major surety companies. These relationships allow us to maximize capacity with the best possible terms and conditions for our clients while providing a secure back up surety relationship. Because of our expertise, your bonds will be executed properly and timely. We will also take the time to educate your team on the issues and nuisances facing surety and bonding, The actions we take and the recommendations we make are always in the best interest of our clients.

Some of our primary client base includes:

Bonding for the construction industry is a delicate balance of a construction company’s expertise and experience with the scope of projects and the terms of contracts. We work with the construction industry to meet the requirements of contracts while helping you expand into new territories and businesses. What makes us different is:

  • The quality of our existing customers.
  • Key relationships with the executives of all major sureties.
  • National power based in San Francisco, with strong surety offices throughout the United States.
  • Bid bonds issued within 24 hours of date of approval.
  • Web-based surety (bond) policy management system.
  • Recognition as leaders with active involvement in Construction Industry associations.
  • Hard Hat Bulletins to keep you up to date on the latest issues.
  • Skillful negotiations on customer's behalf-indemnity, rate, capacity, back-up.
  • Major Projects List which is one initiative we take to help you acquire work.

What this means for your Construction company is:

  • The best possible guidance & direction to grow your business.
  • Contact with the movers and shakers in the surety community
  • Maximized surety capacity with the best possible terms and conditions.
  • Key networking opportunities including joint venture part.
  • You will know what's going on in the industry.
  • We will help teach your people about all aspects of surety/business issues.
  • You will have a strong advocate in your corner.
  • A secure back up surety relationship will be set up for you with your input.
  • Your bonds will be executed properly and timely.
  • We will have your best interests at heart when we hear about opportunities affecting your company internally and externally.

A well-managed surety program lowers your credit risk and improves your credit options. For some commercial clients, surety bonding provides a more favorable financing structure than traditional financial instruments. Our team of surety professionals assesses your surety options, finds the appropriate markets and takes care of the transactional details—properly and efficiently. Because of our deep understanding of the bond market, we can anticipate and react to fluctuations, mitigating the risk to your business.

With the turbulence in the insurance and surety industries, relying on a single surety is a risky decision.

With Gallagher Surety, our market strength allows us to assemble a team of sureties on your behalf, each underwriting specific projects and staying familiar with you and your firm — a superior approach that delivers the capacity our customers need today and as they grow. Because of our strong relationships with sureties and our expertise in the surety market, we are able to secure competitive rates with the appropriate durations for your bonds. In many cases, Gallagher can even set up tailored programs and unique work-down provisions, matched to your specific needs - which should lower your total cost of surety.

Give your entire agency access to a top caliber surety bond department. Let us show you how to improve the financial performance of your agency, as well as the level of service afforded to your clientele, while simplifying your business life. Our program is simple. Our professional team of licensed representatives, underwriters, bond production associates and other office staff work under your oversight to meet the surety bonding needs of your clientele. As your virtual surety bond department, we take care of every aspect of the bonding transaction — information gathering, underwriting, bond approval and issuance - even billing and collections.

Whether your operation consists of a single location or a broad network across multiple states, Gallagher Surety has a solid understanding of state bonding requirements for firms and individuals engaged in mortgage brokering and lending. Our professionals service accounts that range from large national banks to local mortgage brokers, so they are knowledgeable in which markets can best serve them.

If you are a public official or a public entity, a federal or state law usually requires bonding to guarantee that elected and appointed officials will honestly and faithfully perform the duties of their offices, particularly with respect to the honest management of funds entrusted to them. In many cases, statutes prescribe the level of coverage and often require these bonds to be written on an individual basis for those officials with more exposure to assets. Gallagher Surety offers Public Official bonds and Public Employee Blanket bonds.

This class of bonds includes:

  • Agents for sale of hunting, fishing, trapping licenses, auto tags, etc.
  • Deputies
  • Commissioners of Deeds
  • Court Clerks
  • Notaries Public
  • Public official officers and employees
  • School board members
  • Sheriffs
  • Tax collectors
  • Treasurers