When we recognize innovation, we like to share it.

We are pleased to provide you with resource materials produced by the Gallagher's Enterprise Risk Management Consulting practice, by other Gallagher practices, and even outside sources that we believe might offer you useful insights. The topics covered include management liability risks and potential protection options you may need. Our materials include white papers, articles, case studies, webinars, market reports and more.

  • Risk Management’s Standard of Practice [ Whitepaper]

    ISO 31000 (published in the United States as ISO/ANSI/ASSE 31000) is the only international standard for the practice of risk management. It was issued in December of 2009, by an international working group that included technical advisors from 26 countries. ISO 31000 was intended to be a guide for practitioners, decision makers, policy makers and those interested in risk management. It provides a framework for organizations wanting to manage risk consistently, efficiently and effectively.

  • The New Language of Risk [ Whitepaper]

    In November of 2009, the paradigm for how we manage risk changed. The "new language of risk", and how to implement an enterprise-wide approach to risk management, is grounded in the value that risk management can bring to an organization. Gallagher's The New Language of Risk Management whitepaper addresses the topic of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) - for public or private organizations, the nuances of regulations and more.

  • Implementing ERM: Key Questions to Begin the Process [ Article]

    Is your public sector organization or higher education institution ready to begin implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)? These key questions can be a starting point for you. Thinking through your answers will help you develop a plan. Even if your implementation plan is for a “team of one,” this will help you understand where – and how – to begin the process.

  • Gallagher Higher Education Think Tank Study: Collaborative Risk Management [ Whitepaper]

    The Gallagher Higher Education Think Tank Study - Collaborative Risk Management examines the concept of using functional network structures and collaborative teams that are formed to manage enterprise-wide risks.

  • Gallagher Higher Education Think Tank Study: Road to Implementation [ Whitepaper]

    The Gallagher Higher Education Think Tank Study - Road to Implementation examines the significance of colleges and universities implementing a comprehensive enterprise risk management (ERM) program to help them better manage their risk with a “road map” strategy.