Unforeseen environmental liabilities can cripple an organization.

Gallagher Environmental works with you to identify and quantify significant environmental exposures or concerns.  We provide you with diverse solutions to help address and reduce your risk - while enhancing your ability to conduct daily business activities.

Our services and solutions include:

  • Insurance program evaluations to identify potential gaps in coverage and to consider coverage enhancements. Loss control and claims servicing capabilities are also evaluated.

  • Design of innovative and cost-effective environmental insurance solutions - including, but not limited to fixed-site pollution liability coverage (also known as Environmental Impairment Liability); contractor`s pollution and professional liability, environmental consultants professional liability programs, underground storage tanks, asbestos and lead paint programs and more.

  • Environmental training and education, risk identification and analysis.

  • Effective environmental risk management alternatives, such as non-insurance contractual risk transfer, self-insurance programs, and blended solutions (combining standard risk transfer with other asset protection techniques to provide balance sheet relief).

  • Contract assistance for lease agreements, construction contracts, service agreements, purchase orders, contracts of property sale and material supply contracts.

  • Claims and litigation support

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Gallagher’s Environmental team is a corporate member of the Environmental Bankers Association.