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  • Global Risk Management Newsletter – 4th Quarter 2017 [ Newsletter]

    Every year insurance buyers are eager to learn about what pricing they should expect for the next year. The insurance market has been pretty benign the last few years—with the exception automobile liability.

  • Global Risk Bulletin: 2017 Checkmate [ Article]

    The events following the unconstitutionally-held 1 October referendum in Catalonia are both historic and unprecedented.

  • Global Risk Management Newsletter – 3rd Quarter 2017 [ Newsletter]

    In 2005 the country—and the insurance industry experienced KRW—Katrina/Rita/ Wilma. 2017 will be remembered as HIM—Harvey/Irma/Maria.

  • Global Risk Management Newsletter - 2nd Quarter 2017 [ Newsletter]

    Does it seem to you so much is politically charged today? No matter where you reside on the spectrum—it’s a challenge deciding how to best address certain issues. Global warming is one of these issues. The phrase “global warming” evokes emotions for most people so we want to steer away from that terminology. We have used “extreme weather” in its place.

  • Global Risk Bulletin: 2017 Special Edition [ Article]

    This publication, and its companion online platform, Global Security Insight (, offers our take on some of the security issues we think will define 2017.

  • Global Risk Management Newsletter - 2nd Quarter 2016 [ Newsletter]

    Typically, our newsletters focus on a singular topic, and provide in-depth information on the subject matter. In this issue we discuss a variety topics providing a more broad brush perspective on each subject. Our intent is to provide educational material that can be shared internally if needed.

  • Global Risk Management Newsletter - 1st Quarter 2016 [ Newsletter]

    The most recent data about the current marketplace is showing generally soft market conditions. Following are a few excerpts from February’s Market Scout report. • Rates for commercial property/casualty insurance fell 4 percent in the first month of the new year • Commercial property insurers are getting ready to scratch each other’s eyes out as they fight for market share • Umbrella/excess liability and workers’ compensation rates actually increased slightly over the same period • Large and jumbo accounts (over $250,001) were assessed rates slightly higher in January versus December

  • Gallagher International Credit & Political Risk Market Update: January 2015 [ Market Report]

    The Gallagher International Credit and Political Risk (CPRI) Market Update: January 2015 offers 2014 CPRI recap highlights while noting that credit-insurer-led forecasts for 2015 appear to indicate an even more significant fall in total insolvencies across the globe. Increases appear to be limited to Russia, China, Brazil and some parts of Europe. However, insolvency levels are still expected to remain considerably above 2007 levels. What should your organization be tracking for 2015 potential trade credit issues?

  • Gallagher International Credit and Political Risk Insurance Report and Market Update - July 2014 [ Market Report]

    Gallagher's International Trade Credit and Political Risk Insurance (CPRI) July 2014 Report offers a mid-year pulse of the global credit markets and political risk challenges that may affect them.

  • Gallagher Credit and Political Risk Insurance Report and Market Update - January 2014 [ Market Report]

    “Political risk in emerging markets is expected to heighten in 2014 as governments look to balance lower economic growth with the increased expectations of their growing populations” (Lloyd’s of London, January 2014). Arthur J. Gallagher's Credit and Political Risk Insurance (CPRI) Market Update for January 2014 summarizes the changes in line structure and tenors available from commercial CPRI insurers since the last report in July 2013. The summary reflects the outcome of reinsurance negotiations where renewals have been completed in the intervening period - as well as the arrival of any new insurers. This report also features the economic impact of global market fluctuations as well as the financial implications of political unrest in various areas throughout the world.

  • Credit and Political Risk: PRI Report & Market Update [ Whitepaper]

    The Gallagher London PRI Market Update for July 2013 summarizes the changes in line structure and tenors available from commercial Political Risk Insurance (PRI) insurers since our last report in January 2013. The summary reflects the outcome of reinsurance negotiations, the arrival of new insurers and areas that could be impacted by economic, political or violent situations.

  • Shipowners Take Note: The Impact of Federal Sanctions Imposed Against Russia [ Article]

    President Obama recently issued three Executive Orders (“E. O.”) in response to the annexation of Crimea by Russia. These E.O.s can impose sanctions on named officials of the Russian government, any individual or entity that operates in the Russian arms industry - and any designated individual or entity that acts on behalf of, or that provides material or other support to, any senior Russian government official. We recommend that shipowners (U.S. Persons) consider monitoring the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list.

  • Battle of the Contracts ― Round Two: Construction Tech Briefing [ Whitepaper]

    Within the international construction industry, the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) and the New Engineering Contract (NEC) help provide consistent standardized documentation and structure within that industry. Continually evolving events and situations have prompted revisions to those structures.

  • Securing International Coverages―Defense Contractor [ Case Study]

    A defense contractor, who had won a bid on a U.S. military contract outside of the U.S., needed international insurance coverages including Defense Base Act coverage. The organization's broker didn’t have the expertise or resources to obtain the complex international coverages and work could not begin until they did.

  • Global Food and Beverage Importer with Expanding International Presence [ Case Study]

    A leading U.S. and international importer and marketer of food products and beverages uses warehouses in select geographic areas to facilitate distribution of their products outside the U.S. The business was rapidly expanding, and the company was concerned that its existing broker could not offer the critical solutions needed to remain current with the growth of its operations.

  • Industrial Products Distributor Leverages Gallagher's International Expertise [ Case Study]

    A Fortune 500 company and a leading global distributor of industrial products (with operations in the U.S. and over 30 countries) wanted to improve its insurance program. With the right balance of Gallagher’s international team and its Global Alliance partners, the right solutions were found.