Control your losses. Lower your costs. Grow your business.

Effective risk management often involves avoiding risks before they occur. Toward that end, the Gallagher Loss Control Practice works with our clients to increase awareness and incorporate the practice of risk management, risk control and loss prevention into each department’s operations.  The ultimate goal is fewer workplace and vehicle accidents as well as reduced public liability and a lower cost of risk.

With over 70 loss control consultants across the nation and our database of safety information, Gallagher has the resources to meet your safety needs. 

Steps performed to assist a client with losses that are driving the loss experience:

  • Mine loss-run claim and accident data to pinpoint locations with unfavorable loss trends, identify causes driving loss trends and present to executive management the next steps to mitigate losses.
  • Onsite visits to operations driving the loss experience to pinpoint causes, brainstorm practical solutions, develop an implementation plan with timelines and determine service vendors.
  • Foster plan implementation by keeping in contact with location management personnel, develop status reports and distribute them via the Gallagher Insight portal.
  • Develop a world safety standard and create a safety program audit to identify variances from that standard.
  • Act as a resource for all locations to foster implementation of measures to attain the world standard.
  • Foster information sharing of what works from the operations perspective through the Gallagher Insight portal and client web portal technologies.
  • Administer Gallagher Insight, a web portal for distributing risk management information worldwide.

No matter what type of company you have, Gallagher is committed to helping you manage your risk through a well-structured loss control program tailored to your unique needs.

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