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We are pleased to provide you with resource materials produced by the Gallagher Loss Control practice, by other Gallagher practices, or even outside sources that we believe might offer you useful insights. The topics featured include safety training and management, risk management liabilities, emergency/disaster preparation and recover and more. Our materials include white papers, articles, case studies, webinars and market reports.

  • California Senate Bill SB-396 [ Whitepaper]

    California Senate Bill SB-396, addresses illegal employment practices including harassment of an employee either directly or indirectly with the employer’s knowledge.

  • Sexual Harassment Liability in the Hospitality Industry [ Whitepaper]

    As of January 1, 2018, hospitality employers in the city of Chicago must provide “panic buttons” for room attendants and restroom workers who work alone.

  • Saved $183,000 - Grain Cooperative [ Case Study]

    A 20-year employee of a grain cooperative was killed in a grain bin after ignoring company safety policies when he was engulfed by grain.

  • Loss Control Webinar Series [ Webinar]

    Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. invites you and your employees to participate in a series of webinars about emerging risk control topics.

  • Advisor - Sexual Harassment The Next Generation [ Advisor Newsletter]

    Recently, claims of sexual harassment are again making news. An entire generation has entered the workforce since Anita Hill’s Senate testimony and there may be a generational difference in how sexual harassment is perceived.

  • Winter Weather Preparedness Webinar [ Webinar]

    Please join Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (AJG) in partnership with Agility Recovery, a national provider of business continuity and disaster recovery resources, as we cover practical tips and best practices to help you prepare for the winter season ahead.

  • Avoid the Growing Minefield [ Webinar]

    Learn the rules that apply to you and that will also address this increasing drug problem. Learn about appropriate test methods and the key benefits of oral fluid testing that will help you manage your program.

  • GetSET - Webinar Schedule [ Webinar]

    Live and Interactive Webcasts for Supervisors. Free training held the second Tuesday of every month!

  • OSHA 2017 Regulation Update: January 19 [ Webinar]

    OSHA has recently passed several federal regulations that will cause companies to make significant changes to their safety programs and policies. Failure to do so can have significant financial consequences and create executive liabilities. Learn about these changes directly from Candra Jefferson at Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA has requested that the webcast not be recorded for playback so attend early. Seating is limited.

  • OSHA New Rules Address Post-Accident Drug Testing, Retaliation Claims, and Electronic Injury [ Webinar]

    OSHA’s new final rules call into question mandatory post-accident drug screenings and safety incentive programs, open the door to new retaliation citations, and will require employers to post OSHA logs electronically. Maximum penalties for OSHA violations are set to increase too for the first time since 1990 as part of overall federal penalty adjustments mandated by Congress last year. Attend the webcast to learn what you must know and do to protect your employer and yourself from OSHA penalties.

  • Active Release Techniques - Reduce Costs and OSHA Recordable Injuries [ Webinar]

    This webinar will discuss A.R.T.’s research. The research is proven to reduce workers compensation claims 50%-80% and resolve 70% of soft tissue injuries/disorders in 4 or less 15-minute treatments.

  • Integrity Testing - How to Hire the Right People [ Webinar]

    You will not want to miss this encore webinar about the value of Pre-employment Integrity Testing. This webinar will talk about the value of integrity testing and you will also learn how Mark Walker and the Merchants Information integrity testing helped Frank Russo, the Senior Vice President of Risk and Legal Affairs, cut costs for Silverado Senior Living. Integrity testing applies to all industries.

  • Risk Management Strategies Webcast Special Edition Series [ Webinar]

    The overall direction of OSHA in 2016 will be the focus of this webcast. The topics that will be covered are proposed new regulations, expansion of general duty clause, enhanced citation penalties, changes in reporting severe injuries, expanded department of justice criminal liability prosecution of employers and managers and how companies must prepare to respond to increased OSHA inspections of incidents.

  • Liabilities of Employers and Staffing Companies under OSHA [ Webinar]

    Both employers of temporary workers and staffing companies that supply those workers are often unclear of the extensive liabilities they are exposed to under OSHA. This webcast will explain the liabilities, the various loss consequences and how to mitigate them.

  • OSHA in 2015 and Changes in Reporting Injuries [ Webinar]

    On January 1, 2015, OSHA will require many more industries to create and record injuries and illnesses in the OSHA 300 Injury and Illness Recordkeeping log for the first time. Reporting of severe injuries or illnesses directly to OSHA will change. This Gallagher Risk Management Strategies webcast with delve deeper into what these changes mean to you and your organization.

  • Risk Management Strategies Webcasts: Recordkeeping Series [ Webinar]

    Gallagher Risk Management Strategies Webcasts – Recordkeeping Series is a collection of popular webcasts focused on new updates in OSHA recordkeeping and compliance as well as risk exposures given changing laws with medical marijuana and weapons in the workplace.

  • Risk Management Strategies Webcasts: 2015 Culture Series [ Webinar]

    The Gallagher Risk Management Strategies Webcasts – Culture Series is a collection of popular webcasts focused on establishing a culture change mindset, creating a strong safety culture and developing bilingual safety training.

  • Do You Need a Business Continuity Plan? [ Article]

    More than 70% of companies that do not have a comprehensive business continuity plan fail to recover from a significant business interruption event whether it's from a disaster, cyber attack or other significant business issue. What should you know?

  • Generating a Culture Change Mindset [ Webinar]

    Mindsets in an organization “rule” culture, actions and performance. It drives where people place their attention, what they actually see, how their biases may determine what they actually see - and ultimately how they react. This webinar offers proven strategies to help enhance your organization's culture and communications.

  • Workers Compensation: Fall 2013 State of the Market [ Whitepaper]

    Despite improvement in insurer underwriting results in 2012, the workers compensation market continues to be challenging to both employers and insurance carriers alike. To gain a broader sense of this situation, review the Gallagher Workers Compensation — Fall 2013 State of the Market whitepaper.

  • Obtaining a Favorable Workers Compensation and Fleet Premium with Unfavorable Losses [ Case Study]

    A road paving and hauling organization had some significant losses and claims develop within a short period of time, so the relationship with their carrier had become severely strained. While the client had made some significant changes, the carrier was still uncertain―until the Gallagher consultant provided a comprehensive review to improve their perspective.

The Gallagher Risk Management Safety Insight Newsletters feature recent and/or topical information concerning risk management issues that could impact your business.

  • Dealing with infectious diseases [ Risk Management Safety Newsletter]

    The flu and cold season is now approaching. Tragically, each year, a number of deaths result from flu and other infectious diseases. Employers again routinely face concerns about how to respond to highly infectious diseases when an employee reports such illness.

  • Litigation Financing-Changing the Deep-Pocket Advantage [ Risk Management Safety Newsletter]

    Hedge funds and private-equity firms are deepening their involvement in big-ticket personal-injury lawsuits against drug companies and medical device manufacturers — and are branching into other areas including automobile claims, which may impact your claim strategies

  • OSHA Clarifies Position on Post-Incident Drug Testing and Safety Incentive Programs [ Risk Management Safety Newsletter]

    In a previous newsletter we wrote about OSHA’s 2016 retaliation regulation and associated guidance, which had explained examples of post-accident drug-testing and safety incentive as instances of unlawful retaliation.

  • Workplace Hazards and Pregnancy [ Risk Management Safety Newsletter]

    Employers must evaluate their safety protections for pregnant women and engage in the interactive process with employees to find reasonable accommodations

  • Risk Management Safety Insight - Avoiding OSHA heat illness liability [ Risk Management Safety Newsletter]

    The arrival of summer means beaches, BBQs, and baseball. It also means hot weather, humidity, and the potential danger presented by heat illness.

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  • Un Minuto para la Seguridad - La Seguridad en el Manejo de Disolventes [ Minute For Safety Newsletter]

    Un Minuto para la Seguridad es publicado por Gallagher en Rolling Meadows, Illinois. La información contenida en esete boletin se ha obtenido de fuentes que a lo major de los escritores conocimientos son auténticos y confiables.

  • A Minute for Safety - Working Safely With Solvents [ Minute For Safety Newsletter]

    A Minute for Safety is published by Gallagher, in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. The information contained in this newsletter was obtained from sources that to the best of the writer’s knowledge are authentic and reliable.

  • Un Minuto para la Seguridad - Distracciones en el Sitio de Trabajo [ Minute For Safety Newsletter]

    Algunas distracciones e interrupciones en el sitio de trabajo son inevitables, pero otras—si no están debidamente controladas o reguladas—pueden conducir a lesiones, pérdida de productividad y disminución de la moral de los trabajadores.

  • A Minute for Safety: Workplace Distractions [ Minute For Safety Newsletter]

    Some workplace distractions and interruptions are unavoidable, but others—if not properly controlled or regulated—could lead to injuries, lost productivity, and a decrease in worker morale.

  • A Minute for Safety - Personal Hygiene [ Minute For Safety Newsletter]

    Personal hygiene is the basic concept of cleaning, grooming and caring for our bodies. While it is an important part of our daily lives at home, personal hygiene isn’t just about combed shiny hair and brushed teeth; its important for worker health and safety in the workplace.

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