Client results – loss control and safety case studies

Below is a listing of case studies that outline Loss Control and Safety issues within a range of industries and situations…as well as our results for their organizations:

  • Client Corrects Workers Compensation Case Management and Saves $500K [ Case Study]

    A large organization saw their workers compensation experience modification factor ratings shifting unfavorably, and with little understanding as to what trends or situations could be causing the issue. What would this organization need to do to improve its rankings to be more operationally and financially stable?

  • Ergonomic Changes Saves Company $1.4 Million with Insurance Carrier [ Case Study]

    A client had employees who were incurring sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome and other ergonomic-related disorders in the manufacture of truck wheel rims and tires. The company asked its insurance carrier to help identify causes of the ergonomic disorders and develop cost-effective and practical solutions to prevent them.

  • Department Store Reverses Serious Accident Trend at Large Construction Project [ Case Study]

    A large national department store chain was building a new 800-acre home office park with a projected 1,200 employees on site at the peak of construction. The project was plagued by numerous job site accidents, and there was no project-specific safety and health plan in effect. Changes needed to be implemented immediately without jeopardizing the project.

  • Food Processor Reduced OSHA Citation by $300,000 [ Case Study]

    A pork and beef processor in Wisconsin was inspected by OSHA compliance officers, and the ownership received willful, repeat and serious citations―with fines totaling $450,000. Following recommendations for location changes and efforts by its Gallagher safety consultant, the result was vastly improved.

  • Client Saves $30,000 in Loss Control Improvements [ Case Study]

    An organization's carrier was insistent that the client owed additional money, since the results of their loss-sensitive program and the loss history indicated an increase was appropriate.

  • Preventing Back Strains at a Metal Fabricator [ Case Study]

    At a metal fabrication company, a group of employees known as “catchers” were incurring significant head and back injuries. To help reduce workers compensation claims and improve safety at the plant, changes had to be implemented immediately.

  • Steel Service Center Improves Loss Initiatives and Saves $75K Annually [ Case Study]

    A steel service center's loss experience had deteriorated to the point that its experience modification factor was in excess of 1.75. Accidents were occurring with unacceptable frequency, and cases were becoming difficult to manage because of employees' attitudes. The Gallagher Workers Compensation team met with the client to find some answers.

  • Transportation Company Saved over 25 Percent on Workers Comp [ Case Study]

    Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. was given an opportunity to evaluate the claims process and review the historical losses of a transportation company with over 500 U.S. locations that needed a more cost-effective insurance program. With many updates and new initiatives, the organization recognized a significant improvement.