Strengthen your loss control program and reduce your risk.

Our industry experts bring a wealth of experience, loss control resources and safety program knowledge to help you solve problems, focus your energy and ultimately reduce your total cost of risk.  

Our Loss Control consultants will conduct on-site interviews and surveys and will meet with department heads to determine how effective the existing loss control programs are in identifying and treating risk exposures.  The process includes a review of safety policies, work practices and procedures, the role of the safety organization, training programs and management practices that promote safety.  The audit concludes with the written Loss Control Audit Report highlighting the safety program elements that are working well and cites program improvements that should be considered to reduce loss frequency and loss exposure.

Each client has unique aspects of its vehicle operations.  Our Loss Control experts understand the need to structure the vehicle risk control program differently for each client organization. Our team will work with your risk manager to review the common elements of each department’s vehicle safety program, including driver qualification standards, vehicle operator rules, new driver orientation program, accident review process and driver supervision processes. 

Gallagher’s Loss Control consultants are available to assist departments as a vehicle safety program resource, including the evaluation of the adequacy of vehicle inspection and maintenance documentation, assisting with seasonal driver training programs, or providing vehicle driver refresher programs.

We are able to provide driver training programs for many of the driving groups within your organization.  The basic driver improvement program is the National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Program.  The program is supplemented with the “Coaching” series of driver training programs, including the “Coaching the Experienced Driver” program.  Gallagher has also developed its own “Gallagher’s National Driving Test” program as a refresher program for drivers who are looking for the opportunity to compare their driving skills with a number of the nationally recognized causes of vehicle collisions.  Finally, Gallagher offers driver improvement programs designed to address seasonal driving challenges.

Each client may have its unique workplace safety issues, but lifting, over-exertion, and slip, trip and fall will rank among the most frequent workplace loss types in every workplace.  But addressing these three injury types is only the beginning.  Gallagher’s Loss Control Practice Group has the expertise to work with the client’s safety staff to identify sources of injury and unsafe work practices.  Then, the service plan is developed to address opportunities to mitigate hazards, correct unsafe behaviors and improve supervisory controls.

In addition to providing our resources for the client’s safety staff and safety program, Gallagher offers employee-training resources developed specifically to address the leading causes of workplace injury.  Gallagher has developed CD-ROM based training modules for topics including back injury prevention and slip, trip and fall avoidance for clients. These training modules are adaptable for your operations and Gallagher would work with your operations and safety staff to design programs that are unique to your workplace safety challenges.

The Gallagher Loss Control Practice Group is able to work with the client’s safety staff to review the operations for environmental exposures and to identify approaches to mitigate the exposure or control the hazard.  The arena of environmental loss control often includes special exposures that may fall outside of the expertise of our organization and may require the use of outside consultants. 

The Gallagher organization has relationships with consulting groups who provide expert consulting for the full spectrum of environmental loss exposures.  Conferring with the client’s risk management staff, the vendor would be selected and the vendor consulting activities would be managed jointly by Gallagher and the client’s risk manager.

The property protection specialists in the Gallagher Loss Control Practice Group have the training and experience to review property exposures, recommend fire suppression systems, audit risk control practices and provide employee training in fire protection.  Our specialists will conduct on-site surveys; provide risk improvement recommendations and on-site training programs for facilities management staff to support your organization’s goals for property loss reduction.

Gallagher works with clients to tailor our activities to address your specific needs and objectives.  Typically, our focus is on construction, occupancy, protection and exposures (COPE).  Property survey written reports includes information identifying the COPE information, a review of the procedures for inspecting, maintaining and testing of your fire protection equipment and photographs will highlight areas of concern. Gallagher Highly Protected Risk (HPR) engineers are also available for consultation and reference on issues specific to property risk control.

The three leading causes of employment related claims and litigation are wrongful termination, discrimination and workplace harassment.  Knowing the problem and solving the problem appear to be two different things – human resource directors and risk managers understand that these are the perennial issues in employment practices. Our Loss Control specialists offer employment practices policies, workplace training programs and supervisory protocols for dealing with employees.  Gallagher is able to work with the organization to address improvements specific to their employment practices risk management program.

Gallagher works with clients to improve the critical incident prevention plans, especially with those departments that have been focusing on post-incident restoration of business activities.  The Critical Incident Prevention Plan assistance includes:

  • Security assessments of facilities and properties
  • Comprehensive site-specific emergency response plans
  • Table-top training exercises for staff at site
  • Random site audits to benchmark security readiness
  • Training for violence prevention, access and egress control, notification alternative and response products, basic profiling of perpetrators and techniques for recognizing threats.
  • Site-specific evacuation diagrams
  • Establishment of an Emergency Operations Center for the department with department-specific plans for command communications and integration with emergency services

Safety experts agree that 90% of all accidents are caused by organizational and human factors.  Training employees is certainly one effective way of addressing this issue.  Training supervisors in identifying and correcting unsafe behaviors in employees will complete the impact that training can have on losses to the organization. 

Gallagher provides training programs for workplace safety, automobile operation, property protection, and employment practices liability for employees and supervisors. The programs offered include on-site training classes, CD-based training programs and Gallagher will develop safety programs for delivery our clients or operations managers.

The wide range of services offered by public entity organizations yield innumerable liability exposures.  The loss control staff of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. has developed a process to review the public liability exposures of public entity clients, compare the control measures to best practices and advise department managers of opportunities to reduce public liability exposure and, ultimately, minimize the cost of risk.

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