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Every day, our small business specialists are focused on superior customer service and tailored insurance protection for small businesses.  Our client-centric approach  is designed to make the insurance buying process easy for you so you can focus on what is important; your business! Here are some resources to guide you in your insurance buying process as well as key risk exposures that are facing small businesses today. 

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Market Conditions 2018 - Private and Nonprofit Directors & Officers Liability

The Private and Nonprofit D&O market trends have remained static over the last few years. Rates have continued to remain flat for the most part barring any significant changes or increased risk profile. As such, capacity is still vast and competition among markets can be fierce, so coverage enhancements are readily available despite an increase in both the frequency and severity of claims.

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Global Risk Management Newsletter - 2nd Quarter 2017

Does it seem to you so much is politically charged today? No matter where you reside on the spectrum—it’s a challenge deciding how to best address certain issues. Global warming is one of these issues. The phrase “global warming” evokes emotions for most people so we want to steer away from that terminology. We have used “extreme weather” in its place.

Market Conditions 2017 - Private-Nonprofit D&O

As the U.S. economy continues to recover, so too have the businesses of most of our private and nonprofit clients. As a result, D&O markets generally have seen marginal rate changes from -1% to 2%, whereas previous rate increases ranged from 0% to 5% when there was no change in financial condition, exposures or losses.