Crisis Management

Preparing for the financial risk associated with an event is clearly important. But managing all of the sensitives and responsibilities following an event are critically important as well. How you compassionately assist the victims’ families with counseling and/or other services, manage the public relations or coordinate with law enforcement are important issues to consider. Gallagher has partnerships with organizations experienced in these difficult areas that are ready to go at a moments notice.

As the nature of business continues to evolve, moving into emerging markets and unfamiliar territories and deeper into the digital age, security risks are becoming more and more complex. Threats such as terrorism, political violence, kidnap and ransom, and cyber risks can cause serious operational disruption, financial loss or adverse publicity that can impact your business and profits. Therefore, suitable measures need to be taken to ensure you have a strong risk control and crisis management strategy in place.

We have developed a number of solutions and consulting services to help clients to anticipate and prevent security threats, and to respond and recover from exposures should the need arise. Our bespoke solutions include, amongst other benefits, threat and risk reviews to establish asset, data, people, reputation and contract risk exposures, organisation resilience reviews and strategic risk consulting and the development of crisis management and safe travel plans and business continuity support.

Read our Crisis Management Consultancy flyer below for more information on how we can help you prepare for a time of need. 

Crisis Management Consultancy flyer

Acts of Terrorism and domestic violent acts result in far more than property damage and business interruption. The human aspect of such horrendous acts are usually not addressed by the typical insurance policy. As such, Arthur J. Gallagher is proud to offer a unique coverage to assist victims, their families, and our clients through a tragic event.

This policy provides coverage for Disaster Management services, not limited to, but including, acts of terrorism.   The policy territory is worldwide. Limits range from $1,000,000 — $5,000,000, in the annual aggregate. Higher limits are available if desired. The coverage will respond “In the event of a sudden, unforeseen natural disaster or man-made catastrophe which affects five or more lives, results in multiple fatalities and/or critical injuries requiring hospital emergency treatment, and/or where the insured is directly responsible for the population which is directly affected by the event.”

First responders, i.e. law enforcement and fire officials manage the acute situation.    Equally important, this product provides “second” responder services.  Services are provided by Disaster Management International (DMI) and include Behavioral Health response, Family Assistance, Media Management, Crisis Communications, and more.

Workplace violence is, unfortunately, more prevalent than we’d like to think.   While you may hear about workplace violence through local news stations and newspapers, many situations may not be discussed at all.  Are you prepared? 

Workplace violence is defined as any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation or other threatening behavior occurring in the workplace. This can include verbal abuse, physical assaults, and even homicide. It can be committed by anyone, inside or outside of your organization, and it can impact anyone, including your employees, clients, customers and visitors to your facilities.  Workplace Violence can also impact your organization’s morale, productivity, retention and reputation. 

Workplace violence can happen anywhere but the risk of incidents can be prevented or minimized if employers take appropriate precautions. Protecting your organization and your employees requires a proactive workplace violence program, which includes training and processes for appropriately dealing with potential issues. 

If this sounds overwhelming or if you do not know where to start, we are here to help.  We are able to work with you, your carrier and your general counsel to develop, review or refine your violence in the workplace program.

Crisis Resilience Training Flyer