Dedicated to providing totally impartial insurance.

Financiers Insurance Advisory Services (FIAS) is a team within Gallagher’s Construction division which is dedicated to providing totally impartial insurance due diligence services on projects all over the world.

We offer an independent review of our clients’ project insurance programmes to ensure the programmes adequately protects the project’s assets, its revenue streams and that the project has the ability to meet any legal obligations to pay compensation to third parties in the event of an accident.

Our service is for Lenders considering providing loans to debt financed projects and also to equity investors considering investing in or disposing of assets who all need to demonstrate a high degree of due diligence in respect of a project. This is equally true for public sector entities considering procuring new assets or services.

About the team and products

Our team members’ experience ranges across a variety of construction industry sectors with significant expertise that includes construction insurance, operational insurance and detailed knowledge of various project agreements.

The team’s considerable experience is based on many years working for lenders, sponsors, equity and secondary investors, contractors and operators on global projects. We have a depth of knowledge in most industry sectors including conventional power production involving gas, coal or oil, renewable energy production & battery storage, mining, airport and seaport, transportation, civil infrastructure, telecommunications and water treatment and production. We work on a variety of projects including Lenders Insurance Advisory (LIA), Structured Finance and those within Divestment, Acquisition and the Public Sector.

Risk Management

Assessing the suitability of a project’s insurance and reinsurance programme for both construction and operational phases in comparison to the project’s risk exposure and contractual obligations allows clients to properly manage the project’s risks. We enhance the quality of the project insurance and risk management programmes through our detailed contractual and risk analysis skills, our familiarity with the construction insurance market as well as our uncompromising negotiating style with project stakeholders.

Financiers Insurance

  • 30 years + experience advising lenders and sponsors
  • Experience over a broad range of industry sectors
  • Bespoke advice from our dedicated independent project team
  • Consultancy services on a global basis