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Analysing and reporting your pay gap data

We help organisations prepare their ethnicity pay gap report and support them in developing an action plan to address ethnicity-based inequality.

Reporting with accuracy and transparency

While mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting is currently being considered by the Government, employers are being urged to voluntarily publish the ethnicity data for their workforce. As well as presenting an accurate picture of their pay gap, publishing an ethnicity pay gap report (also known as a race pay gap report) can help an organisation focus on its long-term diversity and inclusion goals.

Just as publishing your gender pay gap report provides transparency around gender pay, preparing an ethnicity pay gap report helps you broaden the emphasis on equality in the workplace to focus on all of your employees, particularly those from ethnic minorities.

Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting
Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting

Ethnicity pay gap calculations and deep-dive analysis

To help you calculate your pay gap we offer a straightforward and cost-effective solution that uses information obtained from your payroll or HR system. We supply a data collection template with clear guidance notes on the information to include. We will then prepare your ethnicity pay gap report, including mean and median hourly rates, bonus participation and earnings comparison, and career paths and earnings (ethnicity distribution by quartiles). We also provide a year-over-year comparison summary.

Our ethnicity pay gap deep-dive analysis enables organisations to review pay differentials through metrics such as age, job level, department, job tenure and length of service. Through this regression analysis we can identify areas of opportunity to narrow the pay gap.

Ethnicity pay gap narrative and action planning

Considering the narrative around your organisation’s ethnicity data is just as important as publishing it. By exploring the meaning and context around your findings you can uncover root causes of inequality when it comes to employees from a minority background, and make decisions on remedial actions. We can help you develop an action plan that considers your broader talent management, from HR and reward policies and flexible working to talent development and succession planning.

We can help you get ahead of the curve

Organisations who already voluntarily publish their ethnicity pay gap report are a step ahead in addressing diversity and inclusion within their workplace.

Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting

  • Gathering and reporting ethnicity data
  • Ethnicity Pay Gap deep-dive analysis
  • Support to develop your ethnicity pay narrative
  • Develop an authentic action plan