Your most business-critical assets are your people

We help you to protect the people that make your business what it is with key person insurance, director protection and shareholder protection.
Your people make your business

Success or failure of your business is usually more dependent on human assets than any other factor. Protecting those vitally important people is critical to secure your businesses’ future.

It may be that your success is dependent on a few key employees – their skills, their connections, or innate knowledge of your business. Or it may be that you have a number of owner-managers and want to ensure management control remains with existing directors or shareholders if something happens to one of them. Whatever your concern, we’ve got you covered.

Key Person Insurance 

We advise on how best to establish key person insurance so that you can protect against loss of profits in the event of the death or serious illness of your key employees.

Directors and Shareholder Protection

We advise on how to protect your interests, and those of your fellow directors, in your business with Shareholder protection, so you have the means to purchase the shares of a director in the event they die or become seriously ill, allowing you to maintain ownership and control.

Relevant Life Policies

Many small business owners are unaware they can arrange life assurance through their company. We advise on life assurance policies that are established through your business, with deductible premiums that keeps your coverage tax efficient.

Business Protection Summary

  • Key person insurance ('key man' cover)
  • Director and shareholder protection
  • Relevant life policies
  • Business continuity