However and whenever you choose to retire, it pays to plan ahead

We will help you preserve and grow your pension savings with careful, considered pension funding and retirement planning advice - so you can put your pension savings to work when you choose to stop working.

Pension funding advice

When it comes to funding your pension for retirement, we will give you a clear picture of exactly where you stand, regardless of how many different pension pots you have. We will bring together knowledge of the increasingly complex pension regulations that govern what you can save (like the annual allowance and lifetime allowance) and build a pension funding plan with a target retirement income based on your needs and investment preferences so you can retire when you want and on your terms.

Tax advice

We offer tax advice to help you conserve any tax privileges (such as transitional relief or pension protection). We even consider any existing pension schemes and employer-related benefits you have to accurately advise you on tax, pension allowances and pension protection, including any employer pension contributions you receive which may have implications for your tax status.

Retirement planning

Retirement used to be governed by your employer or pension scheme rules. Today, you might retire completely, not retire at all, or choose to work part-time, living on a mix of income from both your work and your pension – thanks to new Pension Freedom rules. However you choose to do it, our advice will consider all your sources of income and benefits you receive so you receive the most tax efficient, cost effective advice.

Regular reviews

Nothing ever stays the same. Whether you change jobs, change your goals for the future or have a change of lifestyle, our regular review process will ensure your pension and retirement plans are secure.

Pensions & Retirement Planning Summary

  • Pension funding advice
  • Tax advice
  • Retirement planning advice
  • Regular financial reviews