Gallagher & Nimbla

Gallagher has teamed up with Nimbla, a digital insurance platform designed to help small and medium sized business across the UK and Europe protect themselves against the risk of bad debt due to unpaid invoices. Nimbla makes trade credit insurance more accessible by offering the option to pick and choose which invoices to insure.

What’s Nimbla?

What is invoice insurance?

Nimbla invoice insurance is a way for businesses to insure single invoices against non-payment. Unlike traditional credit insurance, it doesn’t require you to insure your entire turnover. Instead, you can choose the invoice you want to protect and get an instant insurance policy to cover payment default on that invoice. Each time a quote is provided it will be based on the customer’s risk profile as well as the amount owed.

Who's invoice insurance for?

Any small business or medium-sized business in any sector with invoices of up to £500,000 can use Nimbla invoice insurance. Whether you sell products or services, Nimbla allows you to choose invoice protection for single invoices to insure your company against late payments or customer insolvency.

Benefits of Invoice insurance

  • Expand your business by offering credit terms to new buyers, knowing that you have protection if things don’t go to plan.
  • Reassurance that your loan is still financeable in the event of an unpaid invoice when using invoice finance.
  • Protect your cash flow by insuring transactions with existing customers, knowing that you have cover in uncertain times.

Get a quote from Nimbla

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