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The motor trade is both fast-paced and highly competitive. As a motor trader, you’ll know the importance of staying ahead of the ever-changing market and meeting consumer demands.

So, why take risks? Whether you’re buying, selling, or working on vehicles of any kind, get motor trade insurance to help protect your business. Work with our experienced team to build a policy that suits your requirements and keeps your business safe. Our specialists endeavour to provide a high-quality service.

Motor Trade Insurance

What is motor trade insurance?

Motor trade insurance, also known as “trader’s insurance” is a policy that covers someone running a business that involves the buying, selling, repair or maintenance of vehicles. If you generate profit from a business within the motor trade, there is insurance to protect yourself. Unlike personal vehicle insurance policies aimed solely at individual use, motor traders’ insurance can cover many scenarios unique to motor trade businesses. These include driving customers’ cars and liability issues when dealing with the public.

If you are a vehicle recovery agent, valet, mechanic or trader, motor trade cover will enable you to clean vehicles, move unlicensed cars with trade plates, test cars on the road and much more. Our motor trade insurance offering includes road risk only or a combined motor trade insurance package offering peace of mind. Road risk insurance is the legal minimum requirement for any motor trader driving a customer’s vehicle. In contrast, our traders combined policies can cover everything from road risk to buildings, liability issues, tools, and equipment.

Benefits of motor trade insurance

  • Road risk cover for all motor trader businesses.
  • Traders combined cover for your premises and business.
  • Insurance brokered from a wide range of insurers to remove the manual hassle for you.
  • Specialist support and assistance from our dedicated motor trade team whenever you need it.

Why choose Gallagher for motor trade insurance?

Why take risks with your business? Work with our experienced team to build a policy that suits your requirements and keeps your business safe. Our specialists are always ready to offer a high-quality service.

Whatever the nature of your motor trade business, our team of experienced industry specialists can help find an insurance solution for you. Call us on 0800 612 2238.

  • Specific motor trade insurance cover built for your unique needs.
  • We have motor trade sector expertise and can provide updated information and insights as the industry changes.
  • Quotations offered over the phone.
  • Online quotations in a matter of minutes.
  • Cover can often be taken out immediately.
  • Documentation is always issued quickly and accessible.
  • Our team is always ready to help over the phone.
  • Exclusive rates subject to acceptance criteria*

*customers must meet acceptance criteria for exclusive rates.

These are brief product descriptions only. Please refer to the policy documentation paying particular attention to the terms and conditions, exclusions, warranties, subjectivities, excesses and any endorsements.

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Motor Traders Insurance

Motor trade insurance is required by law for anyone working in the motor trade – from single-site businesses acting as sole traders to large-scale vehicle companies with forecourts and garages.

Whether you’re buying and selling cars, a valet business, mechanic, or scrap yard, we can find the perfect motor trade insurance policy for you. If you’re a sole trader or a limited company, you’ll need specific types of insurance to protect you on a personal and professional level. Our cover is for anyone in roles such as:

  • Motor dealers
  • Commercial vehicle repairers
  • Mechanics working from home or mobile
  • Dealerships
  • Part-time traders
  • Body shops
  • Valet businesses
  • Service, repair, and MOT garages
  • Vehicle breakdown and recovery agents
  • Vehicle collection and delivery agents

You will need to provide evidence that you are running a genuine motor trade business to be eligible for motor trade insurance.

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Motor Traders Insurance

Motor trade insurance focuses on the day-in and day-out of your job, protecting you and your business from risks you may face. However, a range of additional insurances may be beneficial, especially if you work with the public or have a team of employees. For instance, legal expenses cover can offer reimbursement and support if compensation claims arise. Here’s a list of our additional cover:

Public liability insurance, will help keep your business protected against claims made by third parties. That means you’ll have protection against customer claims as well as members of the public.

Breakdown and recovery insurance can be crucial if you’re involved in recovering a customer’s vehicle, whether that’s collecting a scrapped car to refurbish and sell, or if your business is an active vehicle recovery service. This cover is designed to protect you when performing any loading and transportation of vehicles not registered in your name.

Unaccompanied and accompanied demonstration cover protects vehicles that are taken out for test drives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that these Frequently Asked Questions are not a substitute for the policy wording. For full terms and conditions please see the policy documentation.