Instant access to information from watchdog groups, internal whistleblowers or even government regulators means that organisations of all types are under increasing pressure to conduct business ethically and responsibly, and to respond to ESG demands.

Help your organisation meet these demands by completing our complimentary ESG Assessment for the UK/EMEA Asset Management sector (through our partner Northpeak Advisory). And as a Gallagher client, you’ll receive bespoke ESG recommendations, and access to an exclusive package including training and industry guidance.
So don’t miss out!

Your exclusive ESG package

Gallagher, in partnership with NorthPeak Advisory, have developed an exclusive end-to-end package including bespoke solutions, training and industry guidance, to help develop your company’s ESG capabilities, with:

  • Complimentary Firm & Investment Strategy level ESG Assessment with recommendations
  • Heat map of strengths and weaknesses of current approach
  • Access to NPA's online training modules at a 20% discount
  • A free 30 minute assessment / consultation of your current ESG approach in the investment process
  • A further 10% discount on Bronze and Silver Service packages and 15% on Gold and Platinum based on your needs during the first year of engagement

To take advantage of the above offer and supercharge your company’s ESG capabilities, all you need to do is complete a ESG assessment.

Complete a ESG assessment

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