Incentives focus minds on contributing to your growth

We help employers drive long term growth, using sales incentive schemes and commission schemes to reward those who push for greater performance.
Reward those who support your organisational goals

Crafting share schemes and employee incentives which are not only easily understood but that set clear, sustainable targets will make a significant impact on your revenue. However, any sales inventive or share scheme must meet your organisational objectives, encourage positive behaviours that do not risk damage to your brand, and be designed with a full comprehension of your market.

Our reward experts will help you understand your desired outcomes and develop incentives that balance business outcomes with attractive employee rewards.

Goal setting

We will help you understand and clearly define what you are trying to achieve with your share scheme or sales incentive scheme and what success looks like for your organisation, your team, and the individuals within it.

Scheme design

We work with organisations of all kinds, so we can advise you with unparalleled insight into the demands unique to your sector, sales cultures and sales cycles, which must be considered when it comes to implementing and effective plan.

Incentive structuring 

We will help you determine eligibility, performance metrics and target setting, quantify and calibrate payment thresholds and payment according to results, clawbacks, phasing and timing of payments and leaver provisions.

Share Schemes and Sales Incentive Plans Summary

  • Goal setting to align rewards to your organisational goals
  • Sales incentive plans
  • Employee share schemes
  • Scheme eligibility and structure advice