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Standard home insurance typically excludes certain elements of cover for properties which are not your main residence. If the property becomes unoccupied for long periods, you could find yourself without cover. Gallagher's second home insurance provides specialist cover for second homes.

What is second home insurance?

If you own more than one home, any property that is not your main residence is treated differently. This applies to the way you insure it, as well as for council tax and capital gains tax purposes.

Second home insurance is a policy specifically created for this type of residence. It differs from ordinary house insurance, which is designed to cover where you live for the majority of your time.

For example, if you rent out your second home or leave it unoccupied for a longer period than the policy allows, this may break the terms of many standard home insurance policies. That means your cover may be void.

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What is covered by second home insurance?

Although it is a distinct type of policy, 2nd home insurance provides similar cover to standard home insurance. It is likely to include the following:

Second home buildings insurance. Provides cover for the building against a variety of losses resulting from fire, lightning, earthquake and explosion in addition to malicious damage and vandalism to the property.

Second home contents insurance. This is cover for the contents and furniture in your property against losses and damage such as theft and attempted theft.

Other types of optional cover can also be added to your second property policy, such as extended Accidental Damage to both the Buildings and the Contents.

Please see the policy wording for full details of the terms and conditions.

Other types of second home insurance

There are certain types of additional property that don’t count as a second home for insurance purposes. Instead, they may need a different type of insurance policy:

At Gallagher we are providers of specialist holiday home insurance for properties in the UK. We can help you protect your property whether it's purely used by family and friends or even if it is let out for short-term stays by others. We understand that a holiday home is often a business investment as well as living accommodation and can provide cover that takes all its different uses into account.
If you rent a property or properties to others, it may call for a different type of policy. At Gallagher, we offer several types of insurance for landlords. Which one is suitable for you? That depends on the type of property, the number of properties and the rental arrangement. We offer specific policies for HMOs (buildings occupied by multiple tenants), multi-property portfolios, and student accommodation.
We can also provide unoccupied property insurance for residential properties that are left unoccupied for lengthy periods. This can be vital because leaving a place empty can often invalidate cover most commonly found on a standard home insurance policy.

Frequently asked questions

Please note that these Frequently Asked Questions are not a substitute for the policy wording. For full terms and conditions please see the policy documentation.