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A constantly shifting cyber risk landscape demands continuous risk management

To help our clients achieve this, we have created the Gallagher Cyber Defence Centre — an ongoing package of support available as an annual service.

Who can benefit from cyber defence

Who can benefit from cyber defence?

It is a misconception that data stored by small businesses isn’t worth targeting by cyber criminals - any business using email communications is at risk of cybercrime.

This is why we provide a cyber-defence package suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of all sizes, regardless of turnover.

Individuals making mistakes such as clicking on a malicious link can often be the enabler of a cyberattack, which is why our training webinars are designed for all individuals in a business to take part in.

How can Gallagher help to prevent costly cyber risks?

Cyber criminals continue to evolve and become more targeted with their approach. We can help you reduce the risk to your business through our Cyber Defence Centre.

Gallagher Cyber Defence Centre is a collection of tools and services for those who want to take a proactive and continuous approach to managing their cyber risk. It includes access to cyber risk specialists and offensive security technology to help you avoid cyber incidents.

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This video explains details of what is included in the Cyber Defence Centre service.
We will help you guard your organisation from potential threats, both seen and unseen, through an ‘always on’ approach to cybersecurity.

What does Gallagher Cyber Defence Centre membership cost?

Our Cyber Defence Centre offering is available for all business sizes. As your business grows, we can cater with our team of cyber specialists and tiered pricing structure.

Turnover Price*
Up to £500k turnover £250 per annum
Between £501k - £1 million turnover £500 per annum

*All prices are subject to VAT and are charged on an annual basis.

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