Wednesday, July 17, 2019

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Lunch on your own)

Developing Your Institution's Child Safety and Molestation Prevention Program

Many administrators are not aware of how many programs or operations they have in their institution that are youth-centered. If your institution does any of the following, and you don’t have a Youth Protection Policy and Procedures, you should be attending this workshop!
  • Matriculated students who are under age of 18
  • Children brought to campus by their parents (either students or faculty), sibling, or caretaker
  • Pre-college activities, e.g., Upward Bound
  • High school students, e.g., co-enrolled or concurrent high school students; ECE programs
  • Employees who are minors (e.g., summer help)
  • Career shadowing or internships, e.g., Career Pathways
  • Admissions programs and department recruiting efforts on and off campus
  • Programs for children and youth: camps, day care, specific programming, short term programming
  • Local schools use facilities: field trips, library use, museums, residence and dining halls, athletic fields and sports center, other campus facilities
  • Athletics: Sports team recruits; candidates for admissions; siblings of students, gym passes

This 6-hour workshop is intended to lead participants through:

  1. Key elements of a child safety and molestation prevention program (policy, procedures and infrastructure)
  2. Getting Started: Organizing your team to develop a program
  3. Identifying and overcoming institutional barriers
  4. Implementation
  5. Audit, follow-up and management

Takeaways: Participants should leave feeling confident that they can lead their organization through the development process and create a sustainable child safety program. The program will be a combination of lecture and group activities.

Lunch on your own

Program Leaders:

Teresa A. Taylor
Executive Director Institutional Policy, Risk Management, & Compliance
Title IX Coordinator
NorthWest Arkansas Community College

Elizabeth Carmichael
Consultant, Gallagher
(Former Director of Compliance and Risk, Five Colleges, Inc.)

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