Obtaining the right kind of motorcycle dealer insurance requires working with someone who understands the unique challenges and risks these businesses face. Our motorcycle dealership insurance program combines innovative insurance products with 40 years of experience in transportation-related industries.

We offer comprehensive and cost-effective solutions, combined with expertise in risk management, mitigation and claims services to provide insurance for motorcycle dealers that fits the unique needs of these businesses. See how our world-class service and support can help you protect your business and give you more time doing what you really enjoy – riding and selling motorcycles.

Our approach to motorcycle dealer insurance includes:
  • Risk management consulting: We’ll help you identify and assess the potential risks that are unique to motorcycle dealerships.
  • Loss control services: Our expertise can help you reduce your risk and public liability.
  • Tools & technology support: Online risk management, employee benefits and claims monitoring programs.
  • Claims advocacy: As your claims manager and adjuster, we can help you reduce costs and protect your company from erroneous claims.
  • Policy analysis & reporting: We identify potential risks and offer you the policies and practices to help you address them.
  • Garage & premise liability: If someone is injured on your property, you’ll need to be protected. 
  • Broadened property coverages: A detailed look at your business, plus our experience in motorcycle dealership insurance, results in an insurance plan that’s right for you.
  • Mechanical breakdown coverage: For equipment failures that aren’t caused by an accident.
  • Employee tools coverage: Moveable property can be expensive and crucial to running your business. Make sure you’re covered for damage or theft.
  • Employment practice liability: If one of your employees misbehaves on the job, you’ll want to be protected from potential lawsuits.
  • Cyber risk liability: Hackers, data losses and computer breakdowns are just three reasons why you should insure your business against these risks.
  • Crime: The right motorcycle dealer insurance plan can help mitigate losses from vandalism or theft.
  • Employee benefits liability: Benefits such as health, life and disability insurance can be complicated. With this protection you’ll be covered for any errors in administering these plans.
  • Errors or omissions coverage: Protect your company and employees against claims of inadequate or negligent work.
  • False pretense: Insures you against fraud, such as a bad check or someone who takes a motorcycle for a “test ride” but doesn’t come back.
  • Special events coverage: Insuring a motorcycle dealer for any event that isn’t part of regular business operations, such as a charity fundraiser or a social gathering.
  • Dealership-sponsored rides: Insurance for motorcycle dealerships offering test rides to their customers.
  • Commercial umbrella liability: Covers your business against catastrophic losses, such as liabilities that exceed the limits of your underlying policies.
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At Gallagher, we understand there is no margin for error when insuring a motorcycle dealership. The right risk management program is crucial to your success and profitability, so you need a partner with a specialized motorcycle dealership insurance program that can be tailored to suit your needs.

We’ve provided innovative insurance products since 1927. This allows us to provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to fit your needs and give you the kind of service and support that can make your job easier and keep you protected.

The information contained herein is offered as insurance Industry guidance and provided as an overview of current market risks and available coverages and is intended for discussion purposes only. This publication is not intended to offer legal advice or client-specific risk management advice. Any description of insurance coverages is not meant to interpret specific coverages that your company may already have in place or that may be generally available. General insurance descriptions contained herein do not include complete Insurance policy definitions, terms, and/or conditions, and should not be relied on for coverage interpretation. Actual insurance policies must always be consulted for full coverage details and analysis.

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