How can you hire — and retain — top performers on a limited compensation budget? Benchmarking against the pay practices of other employers gives you a market reference point, and helps design a better, more strategic and more competitive pay structure.

Gallagher’s Salary Planning Survey is a structured analysis of employers’ approach to salary strategy, including topics such as promotional increases, lump sum awards and variable pay. Use the survey framework to examine your own pay practices, and leverage the survey data to create salary structures that will attract new talent and retain skilled employees.

Survey participants will be among the first to receive a complimentary copy of the 2019/2020 Salary Planning Survey Report when it’s released later this year. The report provides detailed information and insights on salary and compensation practices to help employers compare their company’s salary strategy to the overall market. Market trends and pay practices are broken out by region, organization size, and for-profit and nonprofit ownership structure.