Our survey found, the top three organisational challenges affecting firms are as follows:

  1. Appealing to a diverse workforce with different preferences
  2. Increasing cost of benefits within tight budgets
  3. Communication

The top three benefits challenges we identified have remained the same the last three years - although this year, first and second have swapped places - putting ‘appealing to a diverse workforce’ on top.

  • Of those firms who are planning changes, 79.1% will be enhancing benefits, an increase compared to last year – 70.7%
  • 73% are looking to improve communication
  • 47.8% want to improve flexibility, in order to extend individual choice
  • Only 5.2% are looking to remove benefits, even in these difficult cost saving times - which shows that benefits are a valued part of the employment package
Gallagher’s 2022 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Report – Executive Summary

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