Top-performing employers transformed their elusive challenges into opportunities, and we highlight their excellence in our Best-in-Class Benchmarking Analysis.

Employers that met our 2022 Best-in-Class criteria demonstrated best practices and strategies that successfully engage their people, reduce turnover and contain healthcare costs. Explore how 381 midsize and 112 large top-performing employers achieve organizational wellbeing to help you identify opportunities, develop strategies and plan for the future with confidence.

Get answers to questions about Best-in-Class employers like:

  • How are they investing in employee health and wellbeing as an organizational priority?
  • What cost-containment measures are they using to keep healthcare affordable to the organization and their people?
  • Which tools and resources do they leverage to help their people be well?
  • Why has investing in their people's financial wellbeing become an increasing priority?

Separate reports are available for midsize (100-999 full-time employees) and large (1,000 or more full-time employees) employers.


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