The Organizational Wellbeing report stems from data supplied by 4,000+ participants in the 2023 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey — a comprehensive inquiry into which strategies organizations are using to support the physical, emotional, career and financial wellbeing of their people.

5 trends to watch when considering HR and benefits strategies

Retention Reigns

The #1 operational priority for organizations is retaining talent — ahead of revenue.

Headcount is Growing

57% of organizations predict an increase in workforce headcount by 2024.

Medical and Pharmacy Costs Keep Rising

More than 1 in 2 employers increased employee cost sharing in 2023.

DEI Matters From the Top Down

DEI oversight is a leadership accountability measure for more than 2 in 5 organizations.

HR Tech Is Top of Mind

54% of organizations expect to add and/or upgrade their HR tech solutions by 2025.

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Making tough benefits and HR decisions? This report can help.

When it comes to attracting and retaining talent without compromising the bottom line, business leaders are saddled with difficult choices, including:

  • Meeting or mitigating salary demands
  • Balancing retention efforts and revenue goals
  • Ensuring DEI is embedded in the culture
  • Upgrading or implementing new HR technology
  • Increasing cost sharing for medical and pharmacy benefits

In this report: See how 4,000+ organizations are navigating these decisions so their people and businesses can thrive.


Employers like you helped fuel this report.

Data was collected from:

4000+ employers, 15 industries, 39% nonprofits, 61% for-profits and every US region.