Cyber security and risk management services tailored for your business

A cyber incident can happen to any business and is often extremely complicated to fix. So it's important to bolster your cyber security to prevent attacks and your disaster recovery response to address the aftermath of an attack.

Gallagher's Cyber Risk Management team can deliver a cyber protection program that can help you do both.

The first defense

Understand the current cyber risk landscape and some of the steps your business can take to reduce the chances of a cyber attack, as explained by the head of Gallagher's Cyber Risk Management practice, Johnty Mongan.

How we can help

Gallagher provides services to help keep your company's data and systems secure.

Cyber security auditing. We offer implementation and accreditation for Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME, and readiness and implementation for ISO 27001.

Security testing. Using penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, we reveal your business's vulnerability to cyber threats.

Cyber security awareness. To train your teams, we teach cyber security basics, and crime and phishing awareness.

Cyber services. We conduct phishing simulation campaigns to test employees' response to a phishing email, and we provide data breach project management.