In the struggle between providing competitive benefits and controlling costs, gathering data around the unique nature of your organization’s talent and goals is the key to making your workplace work better.

The Gallagher Better Works℠ Assessment provides clear and actionable recommendations empowering you to support both holistic employee wellbeing and increased profitability through prioritized guidance for a confident, data-driven strategy that positions your organization for growth.

How the Gallagher Better Works℠ Assessment works

Data is gathered through a proprietary series of questions about the complexities of your organization’s employees and objectives from your C-suite and key leaders’ perspectives:

  • Time commitment of approximately 10-minutes per respondent
  • 36 questions spread across each area of employee wellbeing (physical & emotional, career, and financial)
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness and priority of various business initiatives
  • Opportunity to offer additional insights in "comments" section

After completion of the Gallagher Better Works℠ Assessment, Gallagher aggregates individual responses into organization-wide results to provide your decision-makers with an interactive report defining top areas of urgency. Through a set of tiered objectives, the Assessment allows your Gallagher team to deploy a consultative strategy through targeted consultants and resources.

Gallagher Better Works Graphic

Gallagher Better Works℠ Assessment Results

As you develop and sustain a holistic workplace culture, your people can thrive and perform at a higher level, optimizing your annual talent investment and mitigating organizational risk to maximize your profitability. Best of all, you gain a competitive advantage as a workplace that simply works better.