You put them in touch with real people to get real answers.

Gallagher Enrollment Solutions gives your employees the ability to have a one-on-one conversation with an enrollment specialist to ask any questions they have about their benefits.

As an employer, you want to support the wellbeing-centric environment that you foster by maintaining employee engagement, fulfilling enrollment obligations and provide benefit education for your workforce. You can not only help your employees learn about their benefits, but understand and participate with the help of the experience, expertise and infrastructure of Gallagher Enrollment Solutions.

This national team has 800+ salaried benefit educators, a 400+ seat enrollment center and 30+ case managers that provide white-glove service through one-to-one advisory sessions. No matter your size, industry or scope of voluntary benefits, you can be confident that Gallagher Enrollment Solutions is committed to supporting your needs through their streamlined implementation process. We offer a variety of enrollment options and communication solutions, such as:

Gallagher Enrollment Solutions

Request a meeting with an Enrollment Solutions consultant.

We simplify the complexity of benefits while empowering employees to make informed choices through dedicated support.


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