As a wholesaler-distributor, you face unique challenges today — margin pressures, steep competition and liabilities throughout the supply chain — that may leave you vulnerable to the financial pitfalls of costly risk management exposures.

Gallagher, the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) and Liberty Mutual have combined their extensive industry expertise to create Gallagher Margin Protect for Distributors, an insurance solution — available only through Gallagher — designed to minimize insurance coverage gaps, reduce the total cost of risk and protect the margins of wholesaler-distributors in a challenging market.

Key benefits of Gallagher Margin Protect for Distributors include:

Exclusively tailored program

Supported by the combined resources of Gallagher, NAW and Liberty Mutual to help wholesaler-distributors effectively manage the cost of operations and mitigate risk in a challenging market.

Workers' compensation dividends

Exclusive workers' compensation dividend incentive program for best-in-class distributors that rewards superior individual performance, as well as group performance.

Errors & Omissions (E&O) coverage

Provides E&O protection for a variety of risks including negligent assembly, advice, consultation, installation, instruction, packaging, training or product support.

Broad coverage stock throughput policy language

One of our broadest policies that insures goods throughout the entire supply chain, providing lower deductibles and premiums, eliminating the need for multiple policies, and reducing coverage gaps.

The Gallagher preferred umbrella program

Pre-negotiated enhanced coverage terms and conditions for excess limits on auto liability, general liability and employers' liability policies.

Trade credit coverage

Provides non-cancellable trade credit insurance, covering loss due to a customer's insolvency or protracted default (non-payment of a valid trade debt within the contracted terms) for your accounts receivable.