Your organization's future depends on attracting, engaging and retaining top talent at the right cost. Benefit and compensation programs need to evolve rapidly to keep up with current demographic, socioeconomic, technological and legislative shifts. Stronger insight into the needs of your early, mid-career and established employees can help you improve the engagement and wellbeing of your ever-evolving workforce.

Key Benefits of Gallagher’s Workforce Evaluation:

  • Build a deep data portrait of your diverse workforce
  • Understand current and future employee needs
  • Assess gaps in your benefits programs
  • Get ahead of emerging employee trends

Gallagher's Workforce Evaluation (WFE) leverages our propriety methodology to deliver data-driven analytics based on your census and benefit program information to reveal emerging trends and current gaps within your employee base. Our unique tool can deliver strategic insights about your multigenerational workforce and help you understand tenure trends across the organization. 

Gallagher's Workforce Evaluation journey starts with a conversation about your organization's talent goals, culture and overall business objectives. Next, Gallagher develops data-driven analytics from your census and benefit program information that show emerging trends and current gaps within your employee base.

At its core, our Workforce Evaluation begins the discussion on key questions affecting your people strategy:

  • Who are your employee outliers in engagement?
  • How successfully have you identified future leaders?
  • Which segments of the workforce need support to attract talent: Which segments need training?
  • How is turnover, retirement and career mobility impacting your most vital operations?
  • How will demographic shifts in the workforce change your recruiting and retention strategy?