The healthcare industry’s reliance on technology in the delivery of care has created new vulnerabilities for organizations that put patient information at risk and increase liability exposure.

Gallagher’s Cyber Plus program goes beyond standard cyber insurance to provide multiple coverage enhancements that address developing exposure to cyber risk.

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  • Cyber Risk Aggregation in Healthcare: This whitepaper outlines the impact of ransomware on the healthcare industry.
  • 5 Ransomware Prevention Tips: A list designed to help healthcare organizations reduce their exposure to ransomware attacks.
  • Know Your Limits: A guide to understanding disciplinary actions coverage as it relates to telemedicine.
  • Medical Professional Liability Risks of Telemedicine Services: This whitepaper takes a deep dive into liability insurance coverage solutions for telemedicine providers.  

Cyber Attack Simulation: Our Data is Held Hostage—Now What?

View an on-demand webinar covering how to respond to a ransomware attack.

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Gallagher Cyber Plus: State-of-the-art cyber protection for the healthcare industry

Gallagher’s Healthcare practice has developed a unique risk transfer solution for the healthcare industry that addresses state-of-the- art coverage for cyber risk, together with billing Errors & Omissions and Fraud and Abuse Insurance coverage.

Gallagher’s exclusive Cyber Plus program recently expanded coverage to include:

  • Sublimit for billing Errors & Omissions
  • Fraud and Abuse Insurance coverage
  • Additional limits of indemnity for breach response costs
  • Coverage for lost income and cost of mitigating brand damage due to covered loss
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