Compass Point Retirement Planning, a Wakefield, Massachusetts-based company specializing in financial planning and retirement income-focused services, is now Gallagher.

Compass Point works with people of all ages, incomes, backgrounds and walks of life to help create a vision for the future and instill confidence during the retirement planning process. Compass Point prides itself on treating clients like family, and our values of service, communication and respect make it an ideal partner with Gallagher.

Creating a long-term relationship with a team that helps create and manage your retirement income is especially important. Our priority is to completely understand your family and financial goals and wishes so we can help you answer the big and small questions about retirement and your financial resiliency.
Thomas F. Nee, Jr., Managing Director

We tailor your retirement approach to your needs

At Gallagher, we know that the questions keeping many upcoming retirees awake at night revolve around whether they can afford to retire, how to invest their savings and how they can make the most of withdrawals from their investments without running out of funds.

We focus on understanding your needs and goals, and help you organize your priorities. Then we prepare a customized plan that outlines specific recommendations aimed at improving retirement income dependability and overall asset management.

We tailor your investment portfolio to reach your retirement goals and work with many different types of investments:

  • Stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds
  • Fixed rate investments
  • Municipal bonds — competitive tax equivalent yields
  • Corporate bonds and bond ladders
  • Principal protected investments (CDs, zero coupon bonds and more)
  • Annuities
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • 529 Plans (college savings plans)

Our retirement transition services include:

  • Establishing rollover IRA accounts
  • Ordering retirement paperwork from the plan administrator
  • Ordering rollover paperwork from the savings plan
  • Tracking the transition process
  • Recommending how to handle severance monies
  • Recommending when and how to start Social Security
  • Recommending 72(t) payments
  • Recommending how much and when to start drawing down on your assets

We build a lifelong partnership with our clients

We believe creating a long-term relationship with a team that helps create and manage your retirement income is very important. That means we treat our clients like family and are proud to say that we work with multiple generations of our client families. Through our initial intake and planning process, our priority is to completely understand your family and finances with the goal of becoming your lifelong partner.

And because we know that changing circumstances can — and will — affect your retirement plans, we schedule follow-up appointments to address changes and how they affect your retirement plan. Because we want you to be able to face your future with confidence.

Meet Gallagher's financial planners

Our financial planners will guide you through the complexities of financial planning.


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