COVID-19 has heightened the focus on the shifting needs of employees and leadership, driving more extensive use of HR technologies and a greater emphasis on wellbeing. One or more aspects of employee wellbeing — whether physical, emotional, career or financial — gained importance for employers from 2019 to 2021. An 11-point increase (64%) for the social aspects of emotional wellbeing in the past year alone stands out as a significant shift driven largely by pandemic stressors.*

Gallagher's Workforce Trends Report: Organizational Wellbeing helps you identify opportunities to sustainably invest in the wellbeing of your workforce and improve operational outcomes. This report features insights from thousands of employers, and outlines emerging trends in employee wellbeing initiatives.

The full report shows:

  • More employers are recognizing the vital function of employee wellbeing in organizational success — 48% of employers plan to add a wellbeing strategy by 2023.*
  • More organizations are leveraging HR technology as a competitive advantage for talent acquisition and retention (35%, up 6 points from last year).*
  • Twenty-two percent (22%) of employers have a comprehensive communications strategy (up 7 points since 2019), and making sure employees understand their benefits is considered the top communication outcome (65%).*
Workforce Trends Report Series: Organizational Wellbeing Cover

Introducing the 2021 Workforce Trends Report series.

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This series of reports released throughout the year includes employer insights from Gallagher's biggest benefits surveys:

  • 2021 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey
  • 2021/2022 Salary Planning Survey
  • 2021 HR Tech Survey
  • 2021 Retirement Survey

* Gallagher, "Workforce Trends Report: Organizational Wellbeing", September 2021


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